Swag: Getting paid to do what you already do…

SWAGBUCKS is a truly easy way to earn free gifts and prizes. I mentioned it briefly before but this program is cool enough to do a better write up on…

What is it?

Swagbucks is a search engine (like google or yahoo) that is designed to help you earn internet dollars called “swagbucks”. These internet dollars are then traded in for gift cards (such as
Amazon, starbucks etc…, or prizes). You won’t win swag dollars each time you search but you will win them quite often (in denominations of $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, and $10.)

How do I sign up for the program?

Signing up is really easy (and only takes about 2 minutes). No credit card, phone number or address required.

Once I’ve signed up what do I do?

Use swagbucks for your searches online. I installed thier toolbar (very simple and safe) so it is on the top of my browser. Then when I am looking for something I just type it in the browers and it searches on swagbucks for me. I win several swagbucks a day usually. Or ifyou prefer when you want to do a search go to swagbucks.com (instead of google) for your chances to win.

In one month I earned enough swag bucks by doing what I was already doing, searching the internet for different things to earn $5 to Amazon.com.

I am saving my swagbucks for christmas time and am hoping to be able to buy quite a few gifts with them 🙂

To start Swagging click here.

If your swagging join in the conversation and leave a comment about your experience 🙂


Albertsons deals and steals and more!

Click here to see my Albertsons match ups for this week.  Some great opportunities for savings thes week on essentials like toilet paper, and some free pop tarts just for fun.

Please join me! I have a new location for this blog. I know that moving locations often discourages readers and it is my hope this is not the case. My new website has easier to use features, to make it easier to get bargain updates right to your mailbox and some of the exciting posts you can expect include:

How to get great deals at drugstores WITHOUT the Sunday paper each week (of course I’ll include coupon deals as well!

and of course continued Money Saving Monday Tips, Frugal Friday Recipes, and other great deals!

This blog will no longer be updated so be sure to follow me over to my new site and update your links as well!

Thank you!


Tuesday Freebie List 2/24

If you are tired of filling out forms download roboform for free and let it do all the work for you!

Don’t Forget about free tacos and pancakes today only!

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Free moviecube movie rental Click here to sign up for an account and get your free code. (Note this is similar to redbox) click here for a location near you!


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Today is the last day to get paid to get Progresso soup!!! Details here

Coupon for $5 off of Glucerna cereal (it is usually $5 or less so you should get some for free!

Get a free receipt organizer by purchasing triscuits or other products details here

a coupon book from home made simple with lots of great coupons here

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Napoleon Perdis is offering to mail you a voucher for free lipgloss just for asking. They are sold at several stores in my area to see where you can pick yours up click here.

Mivodesigns is offering free scissors. After you complete the form they will ask if you want to try another free product, say no there is a “catch” for that one but the scissors are free!

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Free Movie Rental 2/23/09

Redbox offers a free movie rental every Monday using a promo code.

To find your nearest redbox location click here

Today’s code is: S39XKT

To use your free code on the redbox screen click “rent with code” enter the code and complete the checkout process. You will have to provide a credit card but it will NOT be billed as long as you return the movie before 9pm the next day. Happy renting!

Quiznos is Giving away free SUBS! HURRY

Updated 2/26 This offer is no longer valid
Head on over here to request your coupon for a free sub sandwich (coupon is emailed to your inbox).

Quiznos is giving away one million of these but I have a feeling they will go fast so hurry!

It appears to be a great week for free food. Don’t forget tomorrow about free pancakes and tacos!

Money Saving Monday – Knowing a good deal when you see it

Money Saving Monday-Keeping a good deal book

Be sure and check back every Monday for money saving tips for your family

I was in a store (which shall remain un-named) last week picking up a few sale items. As I was walking down the aisles my eyes were drawn to the bright red signs advertising this major grocery stores sales for the week. One such sign read: Butter 2/$6. My initial thought was, “butter I need butter I’m so glad it’s on sale”. As the red sign drew my hand toward the product it suddenly occurred to me that $2.50 was not a good deal for butter. I had almost fallen prey to the pretty red tag. This week saw an add for the same butter 3/$5 or $1.66 each a much better deal.

There is a simple way to avoid these marketing schemes if you are strategic. I recommend being intentional about keeping a “bargain book” for the items you usually buy. Grocery stores pay entire marketing departments to research and implement the best ways to get you to buy their products even when they are overpriced so a strategic plan is needed to counter this.  My recommendation is carrying in your wallet a small list of “good deals” so you will know a good deal when you see it.

Where do I start?: Make a list of items you buy on a regular basis (that aren’t seasonal).

My personal list is as follows, it is a bit small as I started tracking good deals and found that WINCO carried all the bulk items for cheaper then I had ever seen elsewhere so I no longer “track” the sales on those. Winco is just cheaper period:


Chicken-boneless, skinless






Keep track of prices for about a month: Stores tend to cycle through their sales about once a month. So for one month just jot down on those items what prices you see for the month. Be sure and use the price / unit not the total cost. For example for cheese do the cost / lb. so you can figure out if those smaller blocks really are a good deal. Use your store ads that come to your home or your favorite store that you shop at.

An example would be:

Cheese (price/lb): $3.82, $2.49, $2.84, $3.22, $2.32, $2.84

Determine what a good “sale price” is for each item. Beside each item decide on what a good sale price is for each item. If your store was running a big promotion during your tracking and is not likely to run it again you won’t want to use that price but most store prices get cycled through at least monthly. Each persons list will vary by region and store. What a good deal is for me may be a terrible deal for you or vise versa. The important thing is being able to pull that list out of your pocket so you know if you are looking at a good or bad deal. My list is below Please remember though this is for my region based on the stores I choose to frequent yours could look quite different!

Chicken-whole: (just started tracking this don’t have reliable numbers yet 🙂

Chicken-boneless, skinless: $1.99/lb buy it —- less then $1.99/lb stock up

Beef (we always buy the cheap stuff):  $1.99/lb buy it —– less then $1.99/lb stock up)

Milk: $2/gallon buy it — less then $2/gallon stock up

Cheese: $2.49/lb buy it —- less then $2.49/lb stock up

Butter:  $1.66/lb buy it  —– less then $1.66/lb stock up

Cereal:    .75/box buy it      —     less then .75/box stock up.

Only buy your item if it is at the sales price (or really close): Like I said each item should go on sale at least once a month (milk usually every other week) so you can just stock up when the item goes on sale. All the items I listed can be stored up to a month (milk can be frozen as can cheese and butter and meat), Cereal lasts so long we just organize it by exp. date. If I see a sale where I can get something for cheaper then my normal “good deal” I “stock up” or buy as many as my budget allows because it saves money in the long run.

Store marketing departments are using your “club cards” and even sensors on carts (in some stores) to determine your buying patterns and discover the best way to get you to spend more money in their store. By simply knowing a good deal when you see one you can save yourself hundreds in your grocery budget without ever clipping a coupon or even going to lots of stores to get your deal.

Your turn, let me know what you do to keep from overpaying for your groceries

Kmart Double Coupons

Most Kmarts are offering double coupons this week. Puget Sound Kmarts are offering doubling up to $2. There are some limits, no internet printable coupons and you can only use 25 coupons per visit. Be sure and know what a good deal is though because Kmart tends to mark up their prices a bit. Let me know what good deals you find!

click here to find out if the Kmart near you is participating