Does going to multiple stores really save you money?

Angela asked some great questions that I thought would be worth answering in their own separate post:

Amie, do you really go to multiple stores every week? Those are great deals, but I just find it hard to venture out to too many stores.

Only you can be judge of what is “worth it”. One way I make running to a few different stores  (I rarely go to more then three) a week is by taking one evening a week and doing it in one hour when I  have no kiddos. Some weeks I decide the sale is just not worth it. For example, the free juice at target is  not worth it this week because I am not going to be near a store and I can’t justify a 30 minute drive for free juice, but sometimes it is worth it.

Case in point. I just ran up to QFC and by combining e-coupons and sales walked out of the store paying $5.47 for:

4 boxes frozen veggies


4 goldfish bags

A reusable tote bag

A box of popcorn

That to me was worth the 45 minute run (with kids). But it might not be worth it to you, and that’s ok. You want to save with the time you have and don’t stress out that at times your time is more valuable then the bargain 🙂

Also, have you checked to see if QFC or Fred Meyer’s run the same ad’s or specials as Krogers? They are both owned by Krogers.

In answer to the second part of your question Angela, QFC and Fred Meyer sometimes run the same bargains as Kroger but not always. They were bought by Kroger’s but don’t always have to run the exact same ads.

Fred Meyers  does not offer e-coupons. Hope this helps!


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