What are e-coupons? How do I use them?

E-coupons are coupons that you load directly onto your frequent shopping card.

The advantages of E-coupons are:

1. They can be combined with other coupons and are automatic.

2. They are totally free, you don’t have to buy a paper or pay any sign up fees

3. You don’t have to worry about “finding a paper coupon” the deduction is automatically taken

4. You can “lazy coupon” this way. Load up your card and just see if you you end up with a discount as you make your purchases. (not recommended for maximum savings but it still saves money!)

5. With upromise you can pay down school loans just by buying what you normally buy, groceries! (if you don’t have a  student loan, sign up to pay off a friend or family members … or mine 🙂

Where can I use E-coupons:

Currently all e-coupons (in the Northwest) can be used for QFC and Safeway (for P&G site only)

The exception to this is Upromise. See there website for a complete list of details.

Log into each website to see what stores accept them.

How do I get E-coupons:

1. Get your preferred shopping savings card handy (your Albertsons or QFC card for example)

2. Log into the e-coupon website and register for an account.

a. upromise

b. cellfire

c. shortcuts

d. P & G

3. Add or load the coupons to your card you want (I usually load them all).  You can even print out a shopping list so you remember what you have coupons for.

4. Re-load coupons approx. every month.


If you didn’t get your coupon it could be for several reasons:

1. You bought the wrong product. Go home and double check

2. You didn’t load your e-coupon at least 24hours in advance so it didn’t have time to upload to your card.

3. There was an error. Each site offers product support, save your receipts and you can submit them if it didn’t work for a refund worth your coupon site.


4 Responses

  1. […] Before you go be sure and load up your card with e-coupons from cellfire.com, shortcuts.com, and sign up for e-coupons with your upromise account to help pay down student loans.  Not sure how E-coupons work check out this post for more details. […]

  2. Amie, do you really go to multiple stores every week? Those are great deals, but I just find it hard to venture out to too many stores.

    Also, have you checked to see if QFC or Fred Meyer’s run the same ad’s or specials as Krogers? They are both owned by Krogers.

    I am also trying very hard to be frugal this year. My first loaf of bread is in the bread machine, as I type. I really want to be careful with my purchases and save money, but not skimp on what I am getting. I am very excited about some of these great deals….I’m off to figure out the e-coupon stuff.

  3. Thanks for the tip about Upromise. I didn’t know they were offering coupons – that is great news!

  4. […] may frequent them more often as they just started an e-coupon program with P & G. More details […]

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