Is it unethical to get items for free?

Please remember that with questions of ethics if you are uncomfortable or feel that something is not ethical by all means don’t betray your conscience and don’t do it. That being said I try and only post here deals that are legitimate and legal and do not abuse the store and manufacturers coupon policy. Here is why I feel it is just fine to “purchase” items for free.

The store purchases the item for a set price from the manufacturer. They pay the manufactuere for the item then mark the item up to make money. At times they put these items on sale, or offer coupons good only at their store for these items. This is the stores choice to try and get more people into their store and then make more money. These are store offers, or store coupons. They can always be combined with other coupons (unless otherwise stated).

The manufacturer wants to offer you incentive to buy their product. This helps give their product reputation, and encourages word of mouth. They offer coupons to purchase their product with. When a store receives these coupons they send them back to the manufacturer for cash. (the store does not lose any money on these coupons…the manufacturer actually gives them an incentive for accepting them).  For the store these coupons are essentially money.

When I combine store coupons or manufacturers coupons (and abide by the rules outlined by each) to get a great deal I am just utilizing both incentives to buy in order to buy the product they want me to buy. The store kicks in a little, and the manufactuere a little and I walk away very happy to be purchasing at the store and buying the product. A win win all around! Feel free to chime in your thoughts on this issue 🙂

7 Responses

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  2. why would it be illegal? I agree that it is a win win for all involved. The stores are betting on the fact that you are going to go in and purchase much more than just those sale items.

  3. Angela-
    A better way to ask the question is “is it unethical” I agree with you that it is not!

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