Clearance 90% off!

JoAnne Fabrics is running a clearance on all their christmas merchandise, 90% off. I was in there yesterday and was shocked to see this in the christmas clearance section. I guess it was an item they had ordered for the holidays so they deemed it holiday merchandise. For $7.95 I got:

8 anti-roll crayons

8 color wave markers

a crayon pad

12 colored pencis

5 glitter squeezables

3-D Washable paint

Color wonder paint

3 mega sheets of color wonder paper.

I am thrilled to find such a great birthday gift for our special two year old. If you head into your local store let me know what treasures you can find!


2 Responses

  1. Amie and everyone else….

    Well I found a good deal this week…it’s not free like all of yours but it’s pretty good…if you are a fan of triscuts and wheat thins they are on sale this week for 3/$5 at Fred Meyer, and in this Sunday’s ads there is a $2/2 off coupon for these crackers. That comes out to $.67/box. not bad.


  2. Kelsey-
    Thank you so much for sharing. That is a great deal good work! What a great item for Superbowl Sunday too :-). I’m going to give your tip its own separate post so other don’t miss it! Be sure and email me if you are interested in guest blogging for me, perhaps writing about how you live frugally while going to school full time (double full time really) you go girl!

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