Free photo valentines cards

Updated 2/2/09: This offer is no longer available!

Jennifer reminded me the other day that this offer is still available (we ordered ours last week!)

Go to Stories by everyone and use the coupon code Valentine at checkout to get 6 free photo valentines cards with free shipping. No credit card needed and the designs are oh so cute 🙂

This will work through February 1


3 Responses

  1. […] photo cards for free! Posted on January 28, 2009 by Amie I got my free valentines day photo cards in the mail today and they are oh so sweet. I am a bit nervous about posting pictures of my kids on […]

  2. Hey Amie,

    I’m Becky S.’s younger sister and I found your blog, then this website and as a newlywed we keep our budget tight too, thus I just want to thank you for posting all your fabulous finds on how to save!!

  3. Thanks for sharing I’m so glad that you are enjoying the tips. Congratulations on your recent marriage!


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