A beginners guide to Walgreens

Shopping at Walgreens

For the pacific northwest Walgreens can give you some of the best deals for grocery’s and toiletries when you take advantage of their programs. It may seem a bit daunting at first but is quite simple one you get inot the swing of things.

Note: Walgreens is generally more expensive then your local grocery store unless you shop sales. In addition to their sale prices Walgreen’s has three other programs you can combine the sales with for some great deals.

1) Walgreen’s rebate booklet Easy Saver Catalog
This catalog is found in your local Walgreens. It is usually next to the weekly store ads. There is one for each month. I recommend grabbing several at the beginning of the month and keeping them at home.  There are two ways to save money with this catalog, rebates and coupons:
Rebates-In the back of the catalog it lists “free after rebate” offers for the month in addition to other rebates they are offerng for the month (for example $2 off of shampoo).  To participate in these deals you must go into Walgreens, purchase the item listed and then turn in or input your recipt for your rebate. You can only request one rebate check per month so you want to wait until the end of the month to request this. The easiest way to request the rebates is to go here and sign up for their program online. Then you enter the recipt information into your thier website and at the end of the month just “request” your check (it will calculate your rebates from your recipt).
You can choose to have the rebate sent to you in the form of a check or gift card. I recommend putting it on a gift card, you can reload your gift card each month (making the rebate arrive swifter and Walgreens gives you 10% additional money for putting it on your gift card. That ads up fast!)
Coupons-The easy Saver Catalog also includes a number of coupons that are good in the store all month long (for most of them). You can use these coupons with manufactuers coupons (from your newspaper or online) to get a great deal.   You can often times wait for an item to go on sale, use an easy saver coupon and manufactuers coupon and get the item for a really great deal.
2) Weekly Coupons- In the Walgreens weekly ad they often have a number of coupons that you can use to get great deals on your purcahses. These can be combined with manufactuers coupons for an even better deal.
3) Register Rewards (or Catalina Coupons)-These are coupons that print out of a machine after your purchase is complete. They are good for use on your next Walgreens purchase and function similar to cash. They have an experation date (usually 1-2 weeks after purchase) and have some exclusions (no pharmacy or alcohol purchases).
There are some things you can and cannot do with these coupons. You cannot use these coupons to purchase the same deal again. For example if I buy 3 shampoos and get $5 in register rewards I cannot use those $5 in register rewards to buy more shampoo and get another $5 in register rewards. I can use them to buy more shampoo but I will not be rewarded with more register rewards for donig so.
A few Walgreen “rules”

1-Sometimes at Walgreens the order of your coupons is important. If this is true I’ll be sure to tell you!

2-If you are shopping at walgreens you must have as many items as you have coupons. The register rewards count as a coupon, the weekly ad coupons, and manufactuers coupons all count. What does not count is any Easy Saver Coupons. If I have more coupons then items I will often through in a .25 cent item so the computer will let me use my coupons.


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  2. […] If you need help shopping at Walgreens click here […]

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