$5 Johnsonville Sausage voucher

Updated: This rebate has expired!

This was buried in my Safeway post and wanted to make sure you guys that bought sausage last week saw how you can use your UPC codes and receipt to get a $5 voucher for your next package of sausage (whoo hooo!)
Johnsonville Rebate:
I was at Winco and they had a rebate offer near the freezer case for Johnsonville Sausage (did you save your receipt from last week’s deal?). ANYWAY it says that you don’t have to have the orignal form to get the rebate. Here is the info just mail in a 3×5 card with all the info…
How to Qualify
Between 1/5/09 and 2/01/09 buy $10 in Johnsonville products. Get a $5 giftcard for any Johnsonville products.
How to get the rebate:
  • Submit a 3×5 Card with the following information (or look for the forms at your store):
  • Your name, address, city, state, zip, e-mail (optional)
  • Date of Birth, daytime phone number
  • The receipt(s) with the  purchase of Johnsonville Brand Products in an amount of $10 or more circled. (this is before coupons)
  • The UPCs from the productsMail to:
    Johnsonville Gift Card Program
    Wild Impact Marketing
    10001 Inovation Drive,Ste 101
    Wauwatosa, WI 53226
    (Postmark by 02/15/09, Gift Card to ship by 03/01/09)

One Response

  1. I hadn’t thrown away my receipt yet – hurray! I’m sending off the rebate request today!

    Thanks, Amie, I appreciate your work letting us know about these offers.

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