January Coupon savings

“Is couponing really worth it?” This is probably the question I get asked the most frequently. To answer this question I kept track for the month of January of my savings for all my household purchases. This included diapers, food, dog food, toiletries, medication, and household goods.

This does not keep track of sales so these numbers are the amount I saved with coupons only.

I did not buy any “junk” or pre-packaged food with the exception of goldfish crackers, frozen vegetables, and granola bars. I made all my own yogurt, bread and laundry household cleaners. Here are what coupons did for my grocery budget for the month of Januray.

I saved: 55% in coupons a savings of $397 in coupons alone (no rebates)

If I include store rebates (Walgreens and Rite Aid) (this does not include manufacturers rebates) I saved: 60% a savings of $480

If I add to the number my manufactures rebates I saved: 61% a savings of $515

Highlights of the month included a 2 month diaper supply (yeah!)

January was a particiularly good month for coupons and rebates. I am keeping track of February so you can see how consistent my savings are 🙂


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