Grocery Store Deals for 2/11

Updated 2/19/09: These offers are no longer valid

It is weeks like this that make me glad that I stockpile when things are on sale so I don’t have to buy when there are weeks when even the “sales” aren’t very good. If I had to shop this week (besides Produce) I would probably take advantage of these deals which are “fair”. If you can wait to shop though I’d wait and see if next week is any better!

Albertsons: My fav store is not worth going to this week (in my opinion)

Safeway: If you got a Sunday paper you could take advantage of some of these deals


.67 with coupon from Sunday Newspaper Safeway ad

.50/2 from Sunday paper in January

Total cost for 2: .84 cents


4.99 with coupon from Sunday Newspaper Safeway ad


.99 cents with coupon from Sunday Newspaper Safeway ad

For each of these deals you have to spend at least $10 to use the coupons. I don’t think it would be worth it but I have some rain checks I want to use from their Tillamook cheese promotion so I’ll venture in.

*****************The best deal of the week (only if you live in Auburn) is my favorite produce store OF ALL TIME is The Farmer’s Market has their milk on sale for $1.99/gallon this week. Since I do all my produce shopping there it is wonderful to find a great deal on another staple I need.****************************

Let me know what deals I missed!

2 Responses

  1. I didn’t think the sales were all the great this week either. I also have a couple of rain checks for Safeway, so I will venture in there. I might pick a couple boxes of brownies, but other than that nothing too exciting.

    You really buy all your produce at Farmer’s Market? It seems like they have such a small selection. They have great prices on meat though. We LOVE to buy corn chips there (Juanita brand). They are so yummy and totally NOT healthy. I’m sure we put weight on by just smelling them 🙂 LOL

  2. I do buy my produce at Farmer’s Market :-). The display is not too impressive to look at but when their prices are .60-1 cheaper / lb then anywhere else I don’t mind :-). I have found that their produce is always ripe right away so I cannot get more then a week in advance or it will rot and have been impressed with their selection for in season produce, they don’t carry much or any out of season, which is fine with me because it is usually more expensive.

    As far as delicious Hispanic goodies, I usually gain a few pounds just by smelling them too, but if I go in not hungry I’m usually ok 🙂

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