Get paid to buy Progresso soup!~

You can use this scenario to make $$ at Albertsons this week!

General Mills Promotion: Buy 10 of select GM products and get $10 toward your next purchase

Progresso Soup $1.50 each (buy 10)

Cost Pre-coupons =$15

Use 2 coupons from here or if that link doesn’t work try this one for $1.10/1 (you can print twice by hitting your back button)

Use coupons here for $2/4 or $1/2 (you can print each twice)

Cost post-coupons = $8.80

After your purchase a catalina or coupon will print out that will give you $10 off your  next purchase of $10 or more.

total cost after the above scenerio and coupon = They paid you $1.20 to buy 10 cans of soup!


4 Responses

  1. Great Deal! I had not linked to the other 2 coupons because I forgot about them! Thank you for spelling this out so clearly for us! I linked to this deal so others can see it too!

  2. I wish I was where you are…..Here in CO Albertsons is running a different deal

    Save $5 INSTANTLY when you buy any combination of 10 participating General Mills products, Mix & Match any items on this page! Ad Price 2 for $4, $1.50 ea. Final Price – you can add your coupons, and get an ok price – but still not a money maker like yours….have fun:)

  3. Tia- Thanks so much for linking to your more complete list. For others!

    Anne- I am in the Seattle Area and Albertsons are an odd chain store in that their promotions (and sometimes even policies) vary by state). I’m glad you still got a good deal but sad that it is not a money maker!


  4. […] Today is the last day to get paid to get Progresso soup!!! Details here […]

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