Frugal Friday Recipe-Make your own dryer sheets

Frugal Friday Recipe: Making your own dryer sheets

Making your own dryer sheets is easy, great for the environment and uses so few ingredients.

Here are my top reasons to make your own dryer sheets πŸ™‚

1-easy, easy, easy -About 5 minutes of “prep” for a years worth of dryer sheets

2- Healthy! Avoid many of the potential dangers that fabric softeners could pose for your family

3-very economical. Savings of .0677/load if you do five loads a week that is a savings of $17.60/year! (see geeky calculations at the bottom of the post

4-You can create your favorite scents

Step 1: Gather your ingredients:

White distilled vinegar (1-2 cups)

Essentail Oil (your favorite scent) 6-12 drops

spray bottle and old rag

Step 2: Mix 1-2 cups of vinegar with 6-12 drops of oil (put in the amount of oil for desired “scent”). Put on lid and mix

Step 3: Spray a rag 5-10 times with mixture and throw in dryer

Step 4: Repeat. You can use 4-8 times before you need to re-apply. 1-2x/month wash rag to remove build up!


What does the vinegar do?

Vinegar is a natural fabric softener. You can use it in your washer as well (baking soda too) but I find that just using my homemade dryer sheets gets clothes soft enough.

Do your dryer sheets reduce static ?

The number one cause of static is over drying πŸ™‚ I do find that this reduces static. Another trick is to attach a safety pin to the edge of your home-made dryer sheets. This eliminates static (not sure why should ask my husband, the chemist πŸ™‚

Do your clothes smell like vinegar?

Nope they smell like lavender, or vanilla depending on the scent I am using πŸ™‚


16 oz white vinegar $1.32

-price / cup = .52 centse

-price / batch = .52 cents

Essential Oil (5ml)= $6

-price / drop (approx) =.02 cents

-price / batch =.12 cents

Spray bottle: $.50 cents at the dollar store

Electrical Costs: NONE

Number of loads of laundry/ spray bottle (what I can get) 488

Total cost for 1 batch: $ .64 cents (or $1.14 if you have to buy the spray bottle)

price/ load of laundry = .0013 cents (that is alot less the 1 penny / load)

The average of cost / dryer sheet = .069 cents

Savings of .0677/load if you do five loads a week that is a savings of $17.60/year!


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