What to do with all that chocolate…

If you went up to Walgreens (there is still time!) to snag your 17 bags of hersheys kisses for .03 cents each you may be sitting at home surrounded by hersheys kisses thinking…now what?!?

Here is our plan to get the most out of our finds:

1-saving 1 bag for the kiddos easter baskets

2-giving several bags to our favorite charity

3-Baking cookies!(see below!)

4-storing the remainder in our outdoor freezer to prevent against snacking and use them for cookies throughout the year!)

5-Using them to create cookie gift jars to friends, neighbors and as “just because I love you” gifts. (great recipes for that here…)

My husband (the best cookie maker) made a delicious batch of cookies using 1/2 a bag of the caramel filled kisses. The combination of Caramel and chocolate was AMAZING and so delicious! Here is how he did it. He took our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and added half a bag of the unwrapped kisses to the dough. He mixed it in our kitchenaid (which broke up the kisses into smaller pieces) then baked them following the directions for Choc. Chip cookies. The result? AMAZING! I’d show you a picture but they have already been eaten πŸ™‚

What are you going to do with your find?


2 Responses

  1. Hmm, looks like Jason has some competition for the best cookie-making husband . . . maybe we should arrange a bake off.

  2. Deal, as long as you and I can be judges and taste test πŸ™‚

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