Welcome! Here are some things you can expect to find at my new site:

Monday Saving Mondays: Simple tips to cutting costs in every area of life. Join me every Monday for a new tip!

Frugal Recipe Friday: On Fridays I will be posting some of my favorite frugal recipes, for food and household. Stop on by for some quick fun new recipes.

Weekly deals and steals: I’ll post the best deals (that I see) for the greater Seattle area. My deals will be mostly for non-processed food and non-snack items because our family is trying to eat a healthier lifestyle. If there are great deals on other food though I’ll try and put some up!

Who am I: I am a stay at home / work at home Mom who is trying to work hard to make sure to use our resources wisely so we in turn can bless others as we feel called. Mom to three girls Marylou (4/27/06) awaiting us in heaven, Providence (04/27/06), and Rosemary (12/21/07).

To learn more about why we choose to live frugally please read this post


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  1. Hi Amie,
    My friend Jessi introduced me to your blog and I have really enjoyed it! I’m always on the hunt for great bargains and I have already found several on your blog. I wanted to share with you free activitiy that Lowe’s provides. It is their Build and Grow projects. Twice a month Lowe’s provides a small wooden project for kids of all ages to build. You get an official Lowe’s apron, safety goggles, and when you are finished you get a certificate of completition and a badge to sew onto your apron. Below is a link that explains the details and shows the upcoming projects. My kids ages 2,4, & 9 all enjoy it. The website says you have to sign up, the Monroe store does not require it. I just thought I would share, one bargain hunter to another!



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