Free goodies for Man’s Best friend

There are always lots of free samples for dog treats. Our lab, Sampson loves having an endless supply, we just try and tell him to not get too attached so his feelings aren’t hurt when his free sample runs out and we are waiting for another to arrive.

Get free steaktopia sample click here

Get a free serving of Rachel Ray Dog food click here


Free Dog treats at Walmart

Updated 2/3/09: This is no longer available!

Free beggin strips at Walmart this week if you have a dog that could use them. Find out how here.

I don’t really shop at Walmart because I always have trouble with the cashiers not knowing the corporate coupon policy and it is not worth it for me. Let me know if you have more luck 🙂

I recommend printing the coupon policy and taking it with you. I may try again this week in honor of Samson. Remember if you do run into trouble to be polite! The clerks are just trying to do their job so affirm them for doing the right thing and then politely ask if you can see a manager.

Side note: I’ve made “friends” this way before. Once I walked through a similar instance at Rite Aid where the gals was confused about coupons. I was very polite and explained it to her and told her to get a manager because I wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to get in trouble for doing her job. When the manager came I affirmed my cashier for her due diligence and wonderful service. Now that same gal at Rite Aid sees me walk through the door drops what she is doing and helps me find all the items on my list chatting the whole time. The best part, when her Mom died this past week she asked me if I was “religious” and could pray for her. We connected on a deep level in aisle 3 and it all started by being friendly and intentional about shopping at the same places.