IHOP free pancake day

In just one week it is IHOP free pancake day.

Our family planned for this in our monthly meal plan and are excited to enjoy some pancakes and make a donation that fits our budget for St. Jude. For those of you who plan in advance I thought I’d give you a weeks heads up 🙂

Why we live a frugal life

Special Note: This post has been in draft form for quite some time. Recently a dear friend of mine Maryann passed away and I want to dedicate this post to her, a woman who “loved extravagantly”. It is her impact in my life that has built in me a desire to give much for God’s glory. So these thoughts are in loving memory of Maryann, who loved deeply because she understood God’s deep love for her

I can think of lots of good reasons to live life frugally.

Help pay down or stay out of debt, Live within not over your means, Save for college or a vacation, Teaching kids the value of money, Being content with what we have and not always wanting more,  To spend less time working or at work and more time at home (less $ needed)

While these are very good reasons to try and spend less and live life frugally they are  not the main reason I do so.  John Welsey has a wonderful sermon on money where he admonishes his listeners to earn all they can, save all they can, and give all they can.

It is important for me to remember in my quest for a frugal life that I do so first and foremost to bring glory to God through wise use of His resources, and by giving generously. My husband and I have chosen to live frugally in order to give generously. We find ourselves often praying that God will show us ways to use our money wisely, the temptation is so that we can then have more money, belongings or stuff, but by God’s grace he transforms our hearts to long to live frugally so we can give more abundantly to others.

Someone asked me the other day if I was looking forward to the day when I would have enough money that I wouldn’t need to shop for bargains or make my own laundry soap, I told them I hoped not. The desire of my heart is to use any surplus money we are able to save to bless others as I believe we have been called to do.

One of the scriptures we pray through when working through our finances is found in Luke:

Luke 12:15-33

With that being said one of our favorite things to do is to donate any extra goodies we accumulate on our bargain hunts to our favorite local charities or families in need. Sometimes we leave packages on people’s doorstep, sometimes we drop off bags at the local shelter. My eldest is always asking questions about why we give and it is such a joy to tell her that we give because we have been given so much.

One of our bi-weekly donation care packets

One of our bi-weekly donation care packets

So why do I write this? It is my desire that we do not become frugal gluttons hoarding more then we can need or use, but instead using the great deals, and freebies to bless others in need as we have been blessed. Your turn, what some ideas for blessing others with your frugal surplus?