Grocery Store Deals for 2/11

Updated 2/19/09: These offers are no longer valid

It is weeks like this that make me glad that I stockpile when things are on sale so I don’t have to buy when there are weeks when even the “sales” aren’t very good. If I had to shop this week (besides Produce) I would probably take advantage of these deals which are “fair”. If you can wait to shop though I’d wait and see if next week is any better!

Albertsons: My fav store is not worth going to this week (in my opinion)

Safeway: If you got a Sunday paper you could take advantage of some of these deals


.67 with coupon from Sunday Newspaper Safeway ad

.50/2 from Sunday paper in January

Total cost for 2: .84 cents


4.99 with coupon from Sunday Newspaper Safeway ad


.99 cents with coupon from Sunday Newspaper Safeway ad

For each of these deals you have to spend at least $10 to use the coupons. I don’t think it would be worth it but I have some rain checks I want to use from their Tillamook cheese promotion so I’ll venture in.

*****************The best deal of the week (only if you live in Auburn) is my favorite produce store OF ALL TIME is The Farmer’s Market has their milk on sale for $1.99/gallon this week. Since I do all my produce shopping there it is wonderful to find a great deal on another staple I need.****************************

Let me know what deals I missed!