Tuesday Freebie List 2/24

If you are tired of filling out forms download roboform for free and let it do all the work for you!

Don’t Forget about free tacos and pancakes today only!

Free Arby Roast Burger with the purchase of any drink click here

Free Martha Stewart Magazine (renewed again if you missed out last time) click here

Free Dillyeo gift card TODAY ONLY for $10 click here (sometimes they list stuff for $10 or under…)

20% off coupon at the container store click here

Free Kashi entree click here

Free Vitazest water  click here

If you have pets you may want to get this free window cling in case of a fire click here

Free lactaid click here (you can leave the membership number blank!)

Free moviecube movie rental Click here to sign up for an account and get your free code. (Note this is similar to redbox) click here for a location near you!


Free shutterfly photobook click here for details

Free Victoria Secret body lotion  click here

Free Quizno sub click here

Today is the last day to get paid to get Progresso soup!!! Details here

Coupon for $5 off of Glucerna cereal (it is usually $5 or less so you should get some for free!

Get a free receipt organizer by purchasing triscuits or other products details here

a coupon book from home made simple with lots of great coupons here

Click here to sign up for your free trial packet of OB tampons and carrying case. While supplies last!

Napoleon Perdis is offering to mail you a voucher for free lipgloss just for asking. They are sold at several stores in my area to see where you can pick yours up click here.

Mivodesigns is offering free scissors. After you complete the form they will ask if you want to try another free product, say no there is a “catch” for that one but the scissors are free!

Click here to sign up for your free Dr. Pepper coupon. It will be mailed out in 3-6 weeks

And don’t forget to get your entertainment for only $2.24 (for most locations) shipped click here.

click here to print your coupon for $10/$50 at Lowe’s (the page is loading really slow!).

Sample of Viva Paper Towels click here

Maybelline mousse foundation sample click here

Huggies baby wipes sample click here

Mantra bags is giving away a free reusable grocery bag (you choose the color) click here

Moisturizing shampoo free sample click here

Get a free serving of Rachel Ray Dog food click here

Free Emergence C samples click here. Be sure and send one to a friend too. I received mine about a month ago and we have loved using them already!

Join Mimi’s cafe eclub (for free) and get a free breakfast. Your ecoupon will be emailed to you.

Free Benefiber sample click here

Free sample of underjams for kids click here

TGI Fridays Buy one Get one Free for any entree click here

Buy one Get one free Seattle’s Best Coffee Medium drink or pastry click here

Print a coupon for a free sample of Aquafresh click here

Free Sample of Osmoflex pain relief cream click here (we use these in our backpacking first aid kit)

Free Sample of Tide Total Care free sample click here (if making your own detergent is something your not quite ready to try)

Ensure for free you can get for free after rebate click here to learn how


Albertsons 2/18-2/25

Here are the best deals I see at Albertsons this week. I didn’t include an food I wouldn’t buy but with the General Mills promotion I’m sure you could get lots of other things besides soup 🙂

General Mills Promotion: Buy 10 of select GM products and get $10 toward your next purchase Mix and match any of these great deals below just make sure you get 10 total of these General Mill Products

Progresso Soup $1.50 each

Use 2 coupons from here for $1.10/1 (you can print twice by hitting your back button)

Use coupons here for $2/4 or $1/2 (you can print each twice)

Total Cost: $.40-1/each or free-.60 cents money maker if you buy at least 10 General Mills items (with the $10 off coupon)

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.25 each

Total Cost: $1.25/each or .25 cents if you buy at least 10 General Mills items (with the $10 off coupon)

Betty Crocker Premium Brownies $2.00 each
Buy 2 and Use $.75/2 coupon from last Sundays coupon insert
Total Cost: $1.63 each or .63 cents if you buy at least 10 General Mills items (with the $10 off coupon)

Chex Mix $2.00 each

Print this coupon for $1/1 (hit back button to print twice)
Total Cost: $1.00 each or free if you buy at least 10 General Mills items (with the $10 off coupon)


Other things I’m getting (but not included in the above promotion)

Albertsons brand cheese

Using Sundays Fred Meyer Coupon $9/2 2lb blocks of med chedder

Total Cost: $4.50 each

Albertsons Brand 1/2 gallons of milk

Using Sunday Fred Meyer coupon for $1/half gallon

Total Cost: $1/half gallon

Albertsons brand butter 3/$5

Total Cost: $1.66 each

Let me know what deals you grab this week!

Rite Aid week of 2/15-2/21

Updated 2/22: These deals have now expired

If your confused about shopping at Rite Aid click here

Deals using Rite Aid’s rebate program. Request your rebates online by entering receipt information

If your total is $25 before coupons you can use this printable coupon for $5 off your purchase click here

Serenity Sanitary Napkins or Tampons $10.99
Use $4 coupon found in the Sunday Rite Aid Ad or in the front of the store
Use $2/1 coupon from November or January Sunday paper
Enter Receipt online for $5 rebate (check comes at the end of the month)
Total Cost: FREE (you can do this twice if you want)

Coupon Savings:

Barilla Pasta  .99 cents

Use $1/2 coupon from January Sunday Paper inserts

Total Cost: .98/2 or .49 cents each

There are more deals than this these are just the one’s that I am interested in. Check this post to see a more complete list of deals and steals. Happy shopping!


Frugal Recipe Friday-Homemade Yogurt


Frugal Friday Recipe: Making your own yogurt

Making your own yogurt is surprisingly easy and sooo affordable.  I make my own yogurt several times a week because we eat so much of it. But it can last up to two weeks in your fridge!

Here are my top reasons to make your own yogurt 🙂

1-easy, easy, easy -About 5 minutes of “prep” and 10 hours of doing absolutely nothing

2- Healthy! No additives or preservatives or high fructose corn syrup (even so called “healthy” brands are adding HFCS be on the lookout!)

3-very economical. My average savings including electrical costs saves me  $2.24/32 oz (the huge containers) of non-organic yogurt. The cost is 55 cents (including electricity) for 32 oz (again the big carton) of yogurt. For our family that is $ 117.98    /year on yogurt. (see bottom of post for calculations) and that savings is if we buy non-organic…the organic (which we make) would be much more expensive (as would buying in ready to go cups instead of large containers)

4-Tasty-It is not over powerfully sweet and delicious. We can make as many varieties as we want 🙂

Step 1: Gather your ingredients:

3 cups milk

1-2tbs plain yogurt

Glass bowl

Yogurt maker

OR glass canning jars (quart size), heating pad, small box and a few towels

Candy thermometer

Step 2: Take 1-2tbs of plain yogurt and leave out on the counter until room tempurature. Plug in your yogurt maker to preheat or plug in an electric heating pad to approximately 115-120 degrees. Place in the bottom of a box.

I take my leftover yogurt and freeze it in ice cube trays. Then when its frozen I store it in the freezer in ziplock bags. One ice cube worth is the perfect amount of starter. You can also use 1-2 tbs of “fresh” yogurt…once you’ve made some just use some of the yogurt you’ve made to start the next batch.

Step 3: Bring milk to just below a boil.

I do this in my microwave. I cook it for about 6 minutes. You want it to be just before boiling approx 160-180 degrees.

Step 4: Your milk will have a thin layer of “skin”. Remove skin with a spoon.

Step 5: Place thermometer in the middle of the milk and allow to cool to between 110-120 degrees (warm to the touch).

I check on mine about every 10-15 minutes. It usually takes about 20 minutes for this to occur.

Step 6: Remove any “skin” that has formed on the milk. Your milk should be between 110-120 degrees

Step 7: Whisk in milk starter just until mixed (don’t over beat!)

Step 8: Pour into yogurt containers for your yogurt maker or into quart canning jars. Distribute evenly among your containers and place lids on.

Step 9: Place in preheated yogurt maker, or in box with the heating pad on the bottom. Pull the heating pad around the containers and surround and cover snugly with towels to keep the heat in.

Step 10: Allow to “set” overnight in a non-drafty location. approx 8-12 hours. Yogurt should be a bit like a thick jello at this point.

Step 11: Place in the back of the refrigerator for at least 3 hours to “set”. Serve with brown sugar, or add your favorite fruit and honey to sweeten!


How do you flavor your yogurt?

My families favorite way is to buy frozen fruit and chop it up. We bring it to room temperature and then add it (juice and all for color) to the yogurt. We add a bit of honey to sweeten it..yum!

Another favorite is just plain yogurt with a bit of brown sugar (thanks for the tip Jennifer!)

How do you store your yogurt?

We store ours in small Tupperware containers (ready to grab for a lunch) or old yogurt containers in the fridge


1 Gallon of milk $2.22

-price / cup = .13 cents

-price / batch = .42 cents

32 oz of yogurt for starter = $2.79

-price / tbs =.05 cents

-price / batch =.10 cents

Electrical Costs: Microwave = .01 cents according to this site

Yogurt Maker (running on 40 watts a high estimate…for 8hrs) = .02 cents (see above site)

Total cost for 32 oz of plain yogurt =.55 cents. THAT IS A SAVINGS OF $2.24 / 32 oz container of organic yogurt!

Frugal Recipe Friday-whole wheat honey oatmeal bread in your kitchenaid

Frugal Friday Recipe: My favorite whole wheat bread recipe

Making your own bread can seem daunting but it is quite simple once you get organized. This recipe I have adapted from several different recipes to have all my favorite elements, honey, oatmeal, wheat and of course using my kitchenaid. Here are some of the reasons I make my own bread:

1-easy, easy, easy -20 minutes of “prep” and then 5 hours of waiting.

2- Healthy! No additives or preservatives

3-very economical. My average cost per loaf is $1.63 (including electricity) for organic healthy bread. That saves me a little over $1 a loaf for the wheat bread we were buying.

4-Tasty- nothing tastes better then homemade bread, mmmm

Step 1: Gather your ingredients:

2 cups milk

1 cup oatmeal

3 cups whole wheat flour

2 cups white flour

2tbs yeast

1/2 cup honey



1/4 cup butter, melted

Step 2: Heat milk

I heat my milk in the microwave. It takes approximately 6 minutes. You want to heat your milk to just below boiling.

Step 3: Remove milk “skin” from top of the bowl

I just find it makes better bread. Just take a spoon to pull of the “skin” from the milk being heated

Step 4: Add oatmeal and hot milk into kitchenaid blender and allow to sit for about 1/2 hour or until lukewarm to the touch

Step 5: After oatmeal has cooled down to “warm”. Take a  separate bowl and  pour  1/2 cup very warm water, 1 tsp honey and 2 tbs yeast into it.

Whisk these together just until mixed (don’t over whisk). Let rise 5 minutes. Mixture should begin to foam up (see picture) if it does not work try again!

Step 6: Add the yeast mixture, butter, remaining honey and salt to the oatmeal mixture and stir using kitchenaid mixing attachment until mixed.

Step 7: Slowly add wheat and white flour. Stir until mixed.

Step 8: Remove kitchenaid mixing attachment and add kneading attachment. Add 1/4 cup flour and knead on low for 8 minutes

I just do dishes during this part so I have no clean-up

Step 9: Remove ball from the mixing bowl and spray / coat with oil. Place dough ball back in bowl and spray or lightly oil the top of the dough. Place in a dark humid place to rise 1-1.5 hours or until doubled

For this I usually place a small pie pin of warm water in the bottom rack of my oven. I then turn it on to low…and then turn it off. I place the bowl in the turned off oven with the door closed. I cover the bowl with a towel that is damp with hot/warm water.

Step 10: After dough has doubled punch down. Divide in half and shape into loaves. Place in greased bread pans seam side down. Re-cover and place in warm dark humid place and allow to rise for 1 hour or until doubled.


Step 11: Heat oven to 375 degrees. Place loaves in oven and cook for 35-45 minutes or until you can tap on the bottom and the bread sounds hollow.

Step 12: Remove from pans and allow to cool completely before eating (if you can!)



1-How long does your bread last?

My bread lasts 1-2 weeks in a ziplock bag. It lasts longer if I store it in the fridge

2- How do you keep your bread from tasting stale

I slice my bread when I need it, this keeps the loaf moist. I also make sure it is sealed in the ziplock bag.

3- Can you freeze your bread?

Yes! It works great! Then I just defrost and serve. I do this sometimes when I am giving someone a meal, then I have bread on hand to give them with their soup or cassarole.

4- Can I do this recipe in my breadmaker?

I don’t think so, but I don’t have a breadmaker, give it a try and let me know. I do recommend baking outside the breadmaker though in the oven as your bread will taste better (in my opinion). Before my breadmaker died I used it for the first few processes and then I would transfer the dough to bread pans for the final rise and baking process. Be sure and let me know in the comment section what works for you!

5- what size is your kitchenaid?

Mine is just the “standard” kitchenaid not he industrial.

6-Can I make this without the kitchenaid?

YES! Just mix the ingredients by hand, and then knead by hand for 10 minutes (instead of 8 with the kitchenaid).

Have fun and let me know how it works for you!


Geeky Calculations:

2 cups milk = .26 cents

1 cup oatmeal = .04 cents

3 cups whole wheat flour = $.89

2 cups flour = $,98

2tbs yeast = .33 cents

1/2 cup honey = .21 cents

oil = .01 cents

salt = .01 cents

1/4 cup butter, melted = .19 cents

Oven Electricity usage cost: .32 cents

Microwave electricity usage: ..02cents

Kitchenaid Electricity usage: . .01 cents

Total cost per batch: = $3.27

Cost per loaf: = $1.63

Albertsons week of 2/4

Updated: 2/13: These offers have expired!

There are so many amazing deals at Albertsons this week. A lot depends on what you need 🙂 I recommend going through your  coupons and pulling out ones for $1 or under for items you were planning on purchasing and then seeing when you enter your store what deals you can have. Here are some of the deals I did with my double coupons (doubling coupons found in the ad that was mailed home)

Suave Shampoo

.97 cents with Albertsons in-ad coupon

Save $1/2 from coupon “stash” -doubled-

Total Cost: FREE

Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.50

Safeway coupon found in Safeway add $1.99

Manufactures coupon from this weeks paper for $1/1 -doubled-

Total Cost: Free

1/2 Gallon of Milk $2.09

Fred Meyer coupon found in Sunday Paper 10/$10

Total Cost: $1

Eggs $3.69/18

Fred Meyer coupon found in Sunday Paper B1G1Free

Total Cost:$1.84 /18

Kellogs Mini wheats $2.50

Manufactures coupon printed online (now expired) $1/1 -doubled-

Total Cost: .50 cents

Free French Bread for completing a survey about my experience

Check your receipt!


That is a savings of 247% off my total all for things I needed or will donate 🙂

How did you do???

Albertsons Double Coupons!



I am so excited about Albertsons offering double coupons (with coupons in the flier sent to your home…check your local store for details) again this week!

I’ll work hard to find some great match ups but am quite excited to utilize these for some free or almost free products. I am thinking canned veggies will be on my list as we are running a bit low on those 🙂

Here is one I see right away 🙂

Suave shampoo and Conditioner: buy 2

In-ad coupon .97 cents

Competitors Coupon: $1/2 (in 11/16 Sunday Paper)

Total Cost: FREE

Also don’t forget that Albertsons accepts competitors coupons so if you got your entertainment book you can use the $5/50 Safeway coupons at Albertsons instead 🙂

Let me know the good deals you see!