$10/ $50 at Lowe’s (or home depot)

Update 2/25 This offer is no longer valid!

click here to print your coupon for $10/$50 at Lowe’s (the page is loading really slow!).

The home depot near us takes competitors coupons so we can use it at either place (yipee!)

Special thanks go to my readers, Melissa and Anne who alerted me to this deal!


A Frugal and Fun Valentines Day

We are having a wonderful (and of course frugal) Valentines Day.

We started the day with heart shaped french toast compliments of our free Albertsons Bread

Then my husband and two  year old headed off to Lowe’s to build a free Jewelry box

We took the whole family in to Old Navy and each of my daughter’s used their free valentine cards to “purchase” six socks and a ball. Once again Free! (note: the gal at the changing room was handing out $5 off coupons so if you didn’t pick up a card you could go in and ask!)

And of course we handed out our beautiful photo valentines cards (another great freebie)

Total Cost for our fun day thus far: $0   🙂

I hope you are enjoying your Valentines day too!

Reader Tip: Free build and grow workshops for kids

Thanks Rachel for this great activity idea. Reader tips are what make this blog work 🙂

I wanted to share with you free activity that Lowe’s provides. It is their Build and Grow projects. Twice a month Lowe’s provides a small wooden project for kids of all ages to build. You get an official Lowe’s apron, safety goggles, and when you are finished you get a certificate of completion and a badge to sew onto your apron. Below is a link that explains the details and shows the upcoming projects. My kids ages 2,4, & 9 all enjoy it. The website says you have to sign up, the Monroe store does not require it. I just thought I would share, one bargain hunt!

To find out about the Lowe’s Build and Grow program nearest you click here

The February activities look great!

1-a wooden jewelry box

2-a race car